At Merit we gather large volumes of data, every day across multiple industries.





Oil & Gas



At around 10 million records per day, our cutting-edge data collection robots integrate with machine learning tools to gather and refine data at a large scale.  

Our team of expert researchers further augment and enrich the data gathered through automation with in-depth primary and secondary research. 

We collect and manage data in real time, with high velocity, transforming public domain data into high margin information. 

What we do: 

  • Generate data, images and narrative content from thousands of web sources 
  • Handle data from various formats HTML, APIs, JSON, Excel, PDFs, Powerpoint 
  • Refine the raw data into a consistent and searchable format 
  • Enhance data with additional research to deliver value adding insight 

We engineer great collaboration;  Merit provides data collection and the transformation of raw data, empowering our clients to provide specialist industry knowledge. 

Case Studies

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    Automotive Data Aggregation Using Cutting Edge Tech Tools

    An award-winning automotive client whose product allows the valuation of vehicles anywhere in the world and tracks millions of price points and specification details across a large range of vehicles.

  • 02 /

    Construction Materials and Project Contacts Mining Using NER

    A leading UK construction intelligence provider, part of a £350m global information business, required detailed coverage of all current and upcoming UK construction projects, with accurate and full data at every stage of the project.