In a world awash with too much information, finding unique insights is key. Merit uses AI-driven classification systems to filter and curate news articles that are relevant to specific topic areas. 


Merit’s proprietary content collection and curating engine, NewsCraft, identifies, classifies and shortlists relevant and niche content, from thousands of sources; from pressrooms to business media, professional networking platforms and social media sources. 


  • An elegant and easy-to-use interface 
  • Python data engine for collection and AI/ML tools for data transformation 
  • Curates content in over 150 foreign languages 
  • Allows you to create custom content, export of shortlisted content  

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    Enhancing News Relevance Classification Using NLP

    A leading global B2B sports intelligence company that delivers a competitive advantage to businesses in the sporting industry providing commercial strategies and business-critical data had a specific challenge.