Choosing an employer is one of the most fundamental choices a person can make today.

At Merit, we offer a hugely fulfilling workplace that is distinct in its culture and approach and is serious about growing our talent, in multi-dimensional ways. We are flexible in our work style, we like diversity (of class, creed, culture, gender, and orientation) and we are not fussy or bureaucratic.

We push our staff to develop, to train, to learn – we stretch people, we probe and critique our own thinking, we collaborate well and we have fun. We are honest, and sometimes we are upfront. We build great teams.

We are curious about tech – we love discovering new things and love it when our staff members find interesting things to share. We work hard, but we believe in family, friendship, and personal growth.

So let’s start a conversation; Merit has been and remains today, a great choice of the workplace for thousands of people.

And it is not just us who say this…

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