This report equips you with the information to:  

  • Optimise your organisation’s BI stack in key areas with AIML technology  
  • Enhance data harvesting and data aggregation processes 
  • Plan the right data warehouse and data lake architecture   
  • Shorten the time taken to data visualisation to ensure useful insights 

Amongst many other crucial touchpoints, this report also throws light on how AI has been used to drive revenue for some of the most successful companies in the world today.

Merit excels in all-things-data. From collecting, refining and interpreting information and managing data into diverse database systems. We hold rich experience in every aspect of data and analytics.  

Merit provides agile, design led solutions ranging from large-scale digital engineering to simple data operations with the use of AI driven data products.  

For over 15 years our client centric approach has helped organisations achieve and scale their data goals. 

We power some of the world’s largest B2B intelligence companies with our proprietary data management systems and data products.

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