Data Aggregation 

Combine millions of specialised, industry specific data points, from different file types and formats, quality controlled and checked by data engineers.

Data Transformation  

Our data transformation process can be driven by various types of technology including Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and NLP. Our experienced data scientists ensure accuracy over 97% with manual checking and quality control.

Data Delivery 

How do you want it? We can serve the data you need to any platform, database or dashboard that you or your clients work with.

What can Merit Data and Technology do? 

Our solutions help some of the world’s largest intelligence brands seamlessly deliver data and insights to their end customers, including: 

  • Collecting attributes of retail products on eCommerce platforms 
  • Gathering audience data for events or marketing activities 
  • Delivering curated content from thousands of online documents or PDFs 
  • Aggregate millions of specialised, industry-specific data points

Case Studies

  • 01 /

    Advanced ETL Solutions for Accurate Analytics and Business Insights

    This solutions enhanced source-target mapping with ETL while reducing cost by 20% in a single data warehouse environment

  • 02 /

    AI Driven Fashion Product Image Processing at Scale

    Learn how a global consumer and design trends forecasting authority collects fashion data daily and transforms it to provide meaningful insight into breaking and long-term trends.

  • 03 /

    End To End Automated Construction Data Harvesting And Aggregation

    A leading construction intelligence service provider required the continuous tracking and update of data on construction projects through automation.