Merit’s proprietary data collection platforms and machine learning tools extract information from thousands of diverse sources and refine it into valuable insights.   

Data is further augmented and enriched by a team of qualified experts through online and voice research. 

Our solutions are industry-agnostic. We work with a wide range of clients with unique requirements across domains ranging from healthcare to finance, marketing and construction. 

Our Data Services

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    Marketing Data

    Maximise audience reach with compliant, ethically sourced data

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    Retail Data

    Delivering high volume e-Commerce data at scale and speed

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    Industry Data Intelligence

    Gain competitive advantage with accurate industry specific BI data

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    News Media Monitoring

    Customised, curated news delivered seamlessly to your dashboard

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    Compliance Data

    Systematic monitoring of global sources for regulatory developments and intelligence

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    Document Data

    Rapid web document collection and data extraction at high volume

Case Studies

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    Enhancing News Relevance Classification Using NLP

    A leading global B2B sports intelligence company that delivers a competitive advantage to businesses in the sporting industry providing commercial strategies and business-critical data had a specific challenge.

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    A Bespoke Retail Data Solution for Better Insights and Forecasting

    A pioneer in the retail industry with an online solution providing easy access to global retailer data, had the challenge of creating retailer profiles through the data capture of financial and operational location information.