Getting cohesive data is notoriously difficult in the healthcare industry, with data in different formats, sitting in different databases across varied sources.  

Converting scattered, raw, unstructured data into actionable insights requires a wide-range of technology combined with expert human intervention. 

Merit specialises in creating bespoke data solutions for Healthcare Intelligence business. If you need help collecting data from disparate sources, in different formats, we do that.  

Need to augment, aggregate, validate or enrich your data? Or get clear analysis and insights from disorganised data? We can help.

Identifying trends with ethical data harvesting

Driven by our own data engine Data Xtractor, Merit collects high-volume, industry-specific data, at 4 times the speed and with 30% more accuracy than normal scrapers. 

Some of what we do for healthcare intelligence:  

  • Systematic collection of drug recommendation data 
  • Automating data collection and extraction from both structured and unstructured data 

Organisations like yours have benefited greatly from the initiatives and results they get from working with us.


Reliable & Accurate

Fast & Agile

Intelligent Data Aggregation by Healthcare BI Engineers

Level up your medical and pharma innovation with augmented intelligence



AI Augmentation

Some of what we do for healthcare intelligence: 

  • Track changes to millions of data points with great accuracy  
  • Data standardisation and transformation 
  • Accurate categorisation 
  • Indexing different document types including annual reports, authorisation reports, board and committee meetings, formularies, guidelines & newsletters through automation 

Make better business decisions by transforming data into intelligent and usable insights

The simplest and most powerful way to healthcare innovation is through reliable insights



industry specific data


Some of what we do for healthcare intelligence: 

  • Providing quick & reliable access to a vast number of healthcare documents of varied formats 
  • Deliver curated content from thousands of online documents 

Case Study Results

  • 01 /

    Document Collection and Metadata Management System For the Pharmaceutical Industry

    A leading provider of data, insight and intelligence across the UK healthcare community needed quick and reliable access to a vast number of healthcare documents that are published everyday in the UK healthcare community.

  • 02 /

    Formularies Data Aggregation Using Machine Learning

    A leading provider of data, insight and intelligence across the UK healthcare community owns a range of brands that caters to the pharmaceutical sector and healthcare professionals in the UK.

What our clients say about working with Merit

  • I’ve been working with Merit for over 8 years, at various companies. Merit uses a unique consultative approach and keeps me updated with findings so data acquisition briefs can be amended according to live feedback. All contacts are put through robust deliverability checks to ensure the contacts provided are accurate and pass our stringent mailing platform rules. The end result is a targeted and bespoke dataset for our marketing campaigns which in turn leads to higher engagement and response rates when compared to providers who sell their data to multiple clients. Once you go bespoke, you never go back! I highly recommend Merit for quality contact data that is relevant, targeted and lucrative!

    Rachna Tickoo, Marketing Data Manager, Intertrust Group, A CSC Company

Merit’s Expertise in Healthcare Intelligence

Headquartered in the Shard, London, Merit Data and Technology has been empowering businesses to unleash their true value with bespoke and globally compliant data solutions.  

We underpin some of the world’s most trusted B2B intelligence companies with our proprietary data management systems and tech products. 

We excel in:  

  • Healthcare Data Intelligence  
  • Compliance Data  
  • Document Data  
  • Data Engineering  
  • Data Harvesting  
  • Digital Engineering  
  • AI/ML Solutions  

Merit’s unique approach includes a highly bespoke service for each client, combining tech solutions and manual data expertise.  

We collaborate with clients’ in-house teams, creating long-term partnerships to deliver highly valuable data solutions.