Solidify your digital outreach

As a webinar attendee, you get a complimentary Database Audit and action plan worth £5,000.

Merit’s data professionals will help your brand to boost performance, providing your marketing team with insights into your marketing database.

Here are just some of the ways Merit can enrich your marketing database:

Benefit from unrivalled insights

Receive a comprehensive audit with a recommended strategy for optimisation


Test email addresses to ensure deliverability


Need more information? Enrich existing contacts with additional fields and useful details


Fill empty fields with accurate information and remove junk values


De-dupe contacts and standardise company names and website addresses


Apply tags and categorise your contacts based on valued segments

What our clients say about working with Merit

  • Merit have performed at an exceptionally high standard all year for Fitch. 

    They’ve listened and worked hard to accommodate our data requirements of varying complexity, all delivered to time and without errors. 

    I always used to spot check the data which was sent but so trusting am I now with the process that this is no longer needed. This means I can spend my time on other matters with the trust I have with Kamal and the team to take care of the data. 

    Julia and I really enjoy working with the whole Merit team and the weekly call is definitely one of the highlights of our busy week!

  • I’ve been working with Merit for over 8 years, at various companies. Merit uses a unique consultative approach and keeps me updated with findings so data acquisition briefs can be amended according to live feedback. All contacts are put through robust deliverability checks to ensure the contacts provided are accurate and pass our stringent mailing platform rules. The end result is a targeted and bespoke dataset for our marketing campaigns which in turn leads to higher engagement and response rates when compared to providers who sell their data to multiple clients. Once you go bespoke, you never go back! I highly recommend Merit for quality contact data that is relevant, targeted and lucrative!

    Rachna Tickoo, Marketing Data Manager, Intertrust Group, A CSC Company

Empower your marketing database with Merit’s insights

*Database audit and action plan worth up to £5,000 is available for a minimum database count of 5000 and a maximum of 100,000 contacts.