Merit’s marketing data has proven to: 

  • Multiply event RoI with the best target data possible
  • Drive attendance at niche events and conferences  
  • Be accurate, up-to-date and tailored for your exact audience  
  • Be fully compliant (GDPR in particular), transparent and audit-friendly

What we do:

1 – Audience Profiling 

Tell us about your desired audience. Be it their geographical region, job title, company annual revenue, number of employees or industry we’ve got it covered. You decide all the criteria.  

2 – Ethical data scraping 

Our proprietary data scraping technology will scrape data from multiple sources to obtain the data you need.  

3 – Contact validation 

Our data engineers use a combination of automated and manual validation to ensure that the contact records found within your criteria is up-to-date and accurate.  

4 – Contact record enrichment 

We further enrich the data with expert research to deliver accurate contact lists that yield maximum conversion rates.

Case Study: Increased Audience Marketing ROI

An international market leader in exhibitions within the learning, healthcare, technology and veterinary sectors.

The client has more than 70 recurring events in various geographies such as the United Kingdom, the United States, APAC and the European Union.

Find out how we provided them with 400,000 validated marketing contacts a year and improved their bounce rates.

Audience Data

Targeted, Accurate and Lucrative Data

  • I’ve been working with Merit for over 8 years, at various companies. Merit uses a unique consultative approach and keeps me updated with findings so data acquisition briefs can be amended according to live feedback. All contacts are put through robust deliverability checks to ensure the contacts provided are accurate and pass our stringent mailing platform rules. The end result is a targeted and bespoke dataset for our marketing campaigns which in turn leads to higher engagement and response rates when compared to providers who sell their data to multiple clients. Once you go bespoke, you never go back! I highly recommend Merit for quality contact data that is relevant, targeted and lucrative!

    Rachna Tickoo, Marketing Data Manager, Intertrust Group, A CSC Company

Case Studies

  • 01 /

    Optimising Marketing Campaign ROI through Cost Effective Automation Services

    The leading provider of essential data, insights and analysis of the UK and EU political and public sectors had the challenge of lack of skilled resources in the market who had the experience of working on the new marketing automation tool to fulfil the massive demand for ongoing email marketing campaigns to drive delegate and sponsor acquisition for ongoing event and media portfolios.

  • 02 /

    Sales and Marketing Data Analysis and Build for Increased Market Share

    A leading provider of insights, business intelligence, and worldwide B2B events organiser wanted to understand their market share/penetration in the global market for six of their core target industry sectors. This challenge was apparent due to the client not having relevant tech tools or the resources to source and analyse data.