Merit’s marketing data has proven to: 

  • Multiply event RoI with the best target data possible
  • Drive attendance at niche events and conferences  
  • Be accurate, up-to-date and tailored for your exact audience  
  • Be fully compliant (GDPR in particular), transparent and audit-friendly 

What we do:

1 – Audience Profiling 

Tell us about your desired audience. Be it their geographical region, job title, company annual revenue, number of employees or industry we’ve got it covered. You decide all the criteria.  

2 – Ethical data scraping 

Our proprietary data scraping technology will scrape data from multiple sources to obtain the data you need.  

3 – Contact validation 

Our data engineers use a combination of automated and manual validation to ensure that the contact records found within your criteria is up-to-date and accurate.  

4 – Contact record enrichment 

We further enrich the data with expert research to deliver accurate contact lists that yield maximum conversion rates.

Case Studies

  • 01 /

    Advanced ETL Solutions for Accurate Analytics and Business Insights

    This solutions enhanced source-target mapping with ETL while reducing cost by 20% in a single data warehouse environment

  • 02 /

    AI Driven Fashion Product Image Processing at Scale

    Learn how a global consumer and design trends forecasting authority collects fashion data daily and transforms it to provide meaningful insight into breaking and long-term trends.

  • 03 /

    End To End Automated Construction Data Harvesting And Aggregation

    A leading construction intelligence service provider required the continuous tracking and update of data on construction projects through automation.