Daniel Dennis

By Daniel Dennis, Marketing Data Specialist

It’s a phrase that conjures up visions of paper lists at nightclub doors – but in the digital age it’s more relevant than ever. If you’re on the right lists, then countless doors of opportunity are open to you; if not, those doors slam shut.

Of course, GDPR regulation was welcomed with open arms by all of us whose data had ended up on irrelevant mailing lists that clogged up our inboxes.

But it’s important to be discerning – rather than simply unsubscribing from everything. There’s a difference between blacklisting the phone numbers of those nuisance calls about mis-sold PPI and spurious car accidents – and cutting yourself off from a verified stream of legitimate business opportunities.

Removing your data from professional B2B lists means disconnecting yourself from a world of networking opportunities and event invitations which could lead to new contacts, new insights – even a new job! If you’re not at those events and open to those opportunities, you can bet your peers will be.

Take next month for example: we at Merit have built the data for Big Data World, taking place at London’s ExCel on 12th and 13th March. Those people on relevant lists will have received notifications about the event – perhaps even a personal invitation to attend – whilst those who have removed their details may well be in the dark.

And sure, you can source these opportunities yourself, but why spend precious time searching when simply remaining on business lists means the relevant invitations will come to you?!

Of course, ‘relevant’ is a critical term in all of this: it’s vital that B2B communications are targeted, relevant and timely – and based on compliant data. That’s why all of our data collection is based on legitimate interest, as determined at the client briefing stage. And it’s why we achieved the ISO 27701:2019 standard on Personal Information Management System (PIMS), written in recognition of GDPR requirements.

In short, your data could be your ‘golden ticket’ to a world of opportunity. So stay on those lists – and enjoy the VIP privileges!

At Merit, we build more than 10 million data records every year, for many of the world’s most respected brands. To discover how they are using rich, compliant prospect data to transform marketing campaigns from ‘job done’ to ‘runaway success’, please contact me: [email protected] / 07375 425 732

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