digital engineering and operations

In this age of information, data defines and powers the creation of successful business models. Merit designs and develops robust systems that deliver accurate, trustworthy data and facilitate good data governance for some of the world’s largest information services companies.

Our team of data architects, data engineers and analysts work closely with your tech teams to drive optimised processes, create trusted partnerships and maximise project value.

Our Data Engineering services include

Design and development of end-to-end data pipelines (ETL / ELT)

Design and implementation of scalable Data warehouses/Data Lakes

Design and development of Feature Stores

Building and implementation of compliant data governance solutions

Solution deployment on the cloud, on-premises or hybrids

Data migration from heterogeneous systems, storage and apps

Data integration – creating unified data views by aggregating multiple sources with enterprise metadata synchronisation and management

Case Studies

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    Bespoke Data Engineering Solution for High Volume Salesforce Data Migration

    A global market leader in credit risk and ratings needed a data engineering solution for Salesforce data migration.

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    Advanced ETL Solutions for Accurate Analytics and Business Insights

    This solutions enhanced source-target mapping with ETL while reducing cost by 20% in a single data warehouse environment