Merit solutions collect high-volume, accurate industry-specific data, at scale and speed.

Driven by our own data engine WrigglerTM, Merit enables rapid data collection, transformation and ingestion from a diverse range of disparate online sources

Our solutions help some of the world’s largest intelligence brands seamlessly deliver data and insights to their end customers, including:

  • Collecting attributes of retail products on eCommerce platforms
  • Gathering audience data for events or marketing activities
  • Delivering curated content from thousands of online documents or PDFs
  • Aggregate millions of specialised, industry-specific data points

Case Studies

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  • 01 /

    Formularies Data Aggregation Using Machine Learning

    A leading provider of data, insight and intelligence across the UK healthcare community owns a range of brands that caters to the pharmaceutical sector and healthcare professionals in the UK.

  • 02 /

    High Speed Big Data Harvesting For The Oil, Gas & Energy Sector

    Find out how we provided more than 515 scrapers that collects data 24/7, uninterrupted.

  • 03 /

    End To End Automated Construction Data Harvesting And Aggregation

    A leading construction intelligence service provider required the continuous tracking and update of data on construction projects through automation.