At Merit we gather large volumes of data, every day across multiple industries.





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At around 10 million records per day, our cutting-edge data collection robots integrate with machine learning and AI tools to gather and refine data at a large scale to power data intelligence within a range of industries.  

Our team of expert researchers further augment and enrich the data gathered through automation with in-depth primary and secondary research. 

We collect and manage data in real-time, with high velocity, transforming public domain data into high margin information. 

What we do: 

  • Generate data, images and narrative content from thousands of web sources 
  • Handle data from various formats HTML, APIs, JSON, Excel, PDFs, Powerpoint 
  • Refine the raw data into a consistent and searchable format 
  • Enhance data with additional research to deliver value adding insight 

We engineer great collaboration;  Merit provides data collection and the transformation of raw data, empowering our clients to provide specialist industry knowledge. 

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What our clients say about working with Merit

  • Merit have performed at an exceptionally high standard all year for Fitch. 

    They’ve listened and worked hard to accommodate our data requirements of varying complexity, all delivered to time and without errors. 

    I always used to spot check the data which was sent but so trusting am I now with the process that this is no longer needed. This means I can spend my time on other matters with the trust I have with Kamal and the team to take care of the data. 

    Julia and I really enjoy working with the whole Merit team and the weekly call is definitely one of the highlights of our busy week!

Case Studies

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    Automotive Data Aggregation Using Cutting Edge Tech Tools

    An award-winning automotive client whose product allows the valuation of vehicles anywhere in the world and tracks millions of price points and specification details across a large range of vehicles.

  • 02 /

    Construction Materials and Project Contacts Mining Using NER

    A leading UK construction intelligence provider, part of a £350m global information business, required detailed coverage of all current and upcoming UK construction projects, with accurate and full data at every stage of the project.