Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions 

Our NLP solutions add value by providing systems that accurately synthesise key data points helping our clients to monetise hidden data nuggets buried in blogs, documents and other unstructured data.

Our AI and Data Analytics Solutions 

The solutions we provide are underpinned by advancements in deep neural networks, semantic architecture, knowledge graphs, text analytics and data mining which enables our customers maximise their business value.

What our clients say about working with Merit

  • Merit have performed at an exceptionally high standard all year for Fitch. 

    They’ve listened and worked hard to accommodate our data requirements of varying complexity, all delivered to time and without errors. 

    I always used to spot check the data which was sent but so trusting am I now with the process that this is no longer needed. This means I can spend my time on other matters with the trust I have with Kamal and the team to take care of the data. 

    Julia and I really enjoy working with the whole Merit team and the weekly call is definitely one of the highlights of our busy week!

What can Merit Data and Technology do? 

Our solutions help some of the world’s largest intelligence brands seamlessly deliver data and insights to their end customers, including: 

  • Collecting attributes from different file types and sources  
  • Gathering audience data for events or marketing activities 
  • Delivering curated content from thousands of online documents or PDFs 
  • Aggregate millions of specialised, industry-specific data points 
  • Delivery of data visualisation in real-time in a user-friendly format 

AI Driven Fashion Product Image Processing at Scale

Learn how a global consumer and design trends forecasting authority collects fashion data daily and transforms it to provide meaningful insight into breaking and long-term trends. 

Covering hundreds of global retailers, their challenge is to process clothing and accessories data across multiple departments within 24 hours of them being published. 

Read the full case study and discover the AI solution that solved this challenge.

AI Driven

Our AI/ML Solutions include:

Data extraction from unstructured content

Document segmentation and cluster analysis

Semantic search models and text summaries

Data mapping and document classification

Taxonomy automation and tagging

Entity recognition and relationship identification

Case Studies

  • 01 /

    Enhancing News Relevance Classification Using NLP

    A leading global B2B sports intelligence company that delivers a competitive advantage to businesses in the sporting industry providing commercial strategies and business-critical data had a specific challenge.

  • 02 /

    High-Speed Machine Learning Image Processing and Attribute Extraction for Fashion Retail Trends

    A world-leading authority on forecasting consumer and design trends had the challenge of collecting, aggregating and reporting on millions of fashion products spanning multiple categories and sub-categories within 24 hours of them being published online.

  • 03 /

    Formularies Data Aggregation Using Machine Learning

    A leading provider of data, insight and intelligence across the UK healthcare community owns a range of brands that caters to the pharmaceutical sector and healthcare professionals in the UK.