Founder and Managing Director of Merit Data and Technology, Con Conlon, talked in a live panel at this year’s AI Summit on about how Executive sponsorship enables agile Innovation through AI to accelerate and scale digital transformations.

Watch the video below for the segment of Executive sponsorship, or click here to watch the full panel.

Panel Interviewer: Con just from your perspective as a CEO, I think we spoke about this before about the executive sponsorship and that culture. Could you just talk a little bit on that?

Con: Agile is still the model of choice for sure, there are so many moving parts now that leadership is really crucial, you have all the stakeholders from sales and marketing, to ops to developers and all the technical staff. So leadership being decisive and pulling all those inputs together in a coherent way can be quite tricky. AI projects, in particular, where the outcome may not be assured, may be experimental or sometimes has a long gestation period.  

How you factor these issues into your agile model is something that needs to be thought about. If you have an AI project in place, just step back from it a little and think about that in terms of timeline and how your organise it. But the leadership for sure needs to be a lot stronger because you have so many more contributors and so many more things going on.

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