Since 2004, Merit has been trusted by 100’s of B2B intelligence companies to develop advanced tech solutions for the world’s most valuable intelligence platforms and data products.

Merit uses the most appropriate technology, including AI, ML and automation, combined with human expertise, to build reliable and scalable software and tech solutions for our clients.

Our team of data architects, software engineers, analysts and AI specialists integrate with inhouse tech resources to implement agile, customer-centric solutions across:

Large scale

  • Digital upgrade and transformation systems
  • Data management solutions

Or simpler systems for

  • Data operations
  • Data migration
  • Bespoke AI driven data products

Leveraging years of data and digital expertise, Merit’s solutions help customers shape their products, build robust systems, uncover deep insights, power automation and accelerate growth.

Our Code Services

  • 01 /

    Data Engineering and Operations

    Data transformations through bespoke ETL solutions

  • 02 /

    Data Harvesting and Aggregation

    End to end scraping solutions to unlock web data

  • 03 /

    Digital Engineering Solutions

    Experience digital revolution through cutting edge software engineering

  • 04 /

    Software Test Automation

    Comprehensive software testing services for all tech builds

  • 05 /

    AI / ML Solutions

    Unleash the power of data and optimise insights through AI / ML

  • 06 /

    Tech Resources

    Fulfilling tech talent needs through a unique resourcing model

Case Studies

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  • 01 /

    High-Speed Machine Learning Image Processing and Attribute Extraction for Fashion Retail Trends

    A world-leading authority on forecasting consumer and design trends had the challenge of collecting, aggregating and reporting on millions of fashion products spanning multiple categories and sub-categories within 24 hours of them being published online.

  • 02 /

    A Unified Data Management Platform for Processing Sports Deals

    A global intelligence service provider was facing challenge with lack of a centralised data management system which led to duplication of data, increased effort and the risk of manual errors.