We have a platform which is characterised by the following features:,,

  • ­2 FTE staff can configure 3-5 new collection templates per day.,
  • ­AI components which suggest fields and values to gather, and how to access them,
  • ­AI which will detect retailer page changes and suggest fields and values to gather,
  • Built in data quality / data richness quality control checks (automated sampling and checking) ,
  • Real time dashboards that flag up retailers that have collection issues,
  • ­Real time dashboards to flag up data richness / missing data,
  • Three layers of anti-blocking techniques,
  • Lower proxy costs from our anti blocking layers,
  • ­Lower cloud costs engineered for ‘stripped back’ (low resource) request queuing and management

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Merit stays at the forefront of tech, using AI and ML to harvest, aggregate and transform data.

Our state-of-the-art eCommerce data harvesting engine collects raw data and provides actionable insights

  • Three to four times faster than standard scrapers 
  • At lower cost  
  • With increased accuracy (up to 30% compared to standard scrapers) 

Our powerful, new scraper engine can gather massive data sets from multiple sites and geographies in real-time so you can stay informed on customer behaviours and market trends. 

Our eCommerce data engine provides:  

Enriched data 

Deliver rich SKU detail: including product variants, pricing, availability, discounts, product rankings, reviews, images, regulatory details 

Data Confidence 

We detect issues in real-time allowing us to fix issues quicker, eliminating unnecessary processing, and an increased ability to meet SLAs. Our QA service is based on Machine Learning automation, coupled with managed workflow for appropriate manual intervention points. 

Minutes not Days 

Our engine allows you to onboard new eCommerce data sources in minutes, instead of days. It then scrapes data from multiple sources, geographies and formats up to four times faster than the average web scraping engine.  

Seamless experience 

Connect the way you want, AWS S3, Azure data lake, FTP, Dropbox… and more. In short, we’ve got you covered. We will scale optimally to meet demand and take a cloud agnostic approach, allowing us to deploy to any desired cloud provider. 

How do we reduce cost? 

Our technology minimises the level of site blocking and reduces the need for proxy IP routing, thereby reducing cost significantly

What our clients say about working with Merit

  • Merit have performed at an exceptionally high standard all year for Fitch. 

    They’ve listened and worked hard to accommodate our data requirements of varying complexity, all delivered to time and without errors. 

    I always used to spot check the data which was sent but so trusting am I now with the process that this is no longer needed. This means I can spend my time on other matters with the trust I have with Kamal and the team to take care of the data. 

    Julia and I really enjoy working with the whole Merit team and the weekly call is definitely one of the highlights of our busy week!

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