Designation: Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer


  • Experienced in Python, with knowledge of Scrapy framework
  • Maintaining the running web crawlers full stack application
  • Design, build web crawlers to scrape data and URLs.
  • Integrate the data crawled and scraped into our databases
  • Create more/better ways to crawl relevant information
  • Strong knowledge of web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, XPath, Regex)
  • Understanding of data privacy policies (esp. GDPR) and personally identifiable information


  • 2+ years of experience in Python.
  • Experience with web crawler projects.
  • Experience in working with MySQL and SQL is plus.

Required Skills:

  • Primary Skills – Python, SQL / MySQL, Scrapy Framework via Python;
  • Secondary Skills – AWS, XPath / CSS Selectors, JSon, XML, GIT, Proxy, Firwalls, Pandas, Jupyter, Redis
  • Good Communication skills.
  • A target and customer oriented way of working.

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