Trusted QA and Test Automation services for enabling quicker deployments

Reliable QA solutions and agile test automation is imperative for software development teams to enable quicker releases.

With test automation as a part of every ‘Definition of Done’, we ensure compatibility and contention testing that covers all target devices, infrastructures and networks.

Merit’s innovative testing solutions help clients confidently deploy their solutions, guaranteeing prevention of defects at a very early stage.

Adapted to your development methodology

Whatever your development methodology – agile, waterfall, iterative or hybrid, Merit’s flexible testing service models allows you to select the most suited to your needs:

  • Test Factory Model
  • Testing for Startups
  • Fully Equipped Test Lab
  • Project Based Testing
  • QA and Test Automation Engineers

Our Software Testing services include

Software Testing Services

Test Automation Services

Performance Testing Services

DevOps Services

Cloud Testing / Testing in Cloud

Agile Testing Services

Robotic Process Automation

Software Test Engineers

Case Studies

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    Test or Robotic Process Automation for Lead Validation

    A UK-based market leader that provides lead validation and verification solutions, helping companies manage their business-critical data securely and effectively whilst increasing sales.

  • 02 /

    Optimised End-to-End Test Coverage and Test Automations

    A global B2B digital business information and analytics company needed optimum test automation and best practices for all stages of the software delivery