We have a platform which is characterised by the following features:,,

  • ­2 FTE staff can configure 3-5 new collection templates per day.,
  • ­AI components which suggest fields and values to gather, and how to access them,
  • ­AI which will detect retailer page changes and suggest fields and values to gather,
  • Built in data quality / data richness quality control checks (automated sampling and checking) ,
  • Real time dashboards that flag up retailers that have collection issues,
  • ­Real time dashboards to flag up data richness / missing data,
  • Three layers of anti-blocking techniques,
  • Lower proxy costs from our anti blocking layers,
  • ­Lower cloud costs engineered for ‘stripped back’ (low resource) request queuing and management

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There are many data scrapers in the world. None of them, gather data from eCommerce sites at scale with the reliability and data richness that many clients need. Merit is the exception. Our proprietary low-code platform:

  • Configure retailer collection quickly and easily –  it only takes one developers to add several new retailers per day
  • Handle up to 1,000 retailers and 100m SKUs a day – every day
  • Deliver rich SKU detail: including product variants, pricing, availability, discounts, product rankings, reviews, images, regulatory details
  • Automatically check data quality in real-time so that missing data values are quickly flagged
  • Real-time insight into data collection highlighting changed retailers so that bots can be tweaked and restarted to ensure optimum data sets
  • Minimises the level of site blocking and reduces the need for proxy IP routing, thereby reducing cost significantly

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